“I don’t go by the rule book.  I lead from the heart, not the head.”

~ Princess Diana

I think this is what gets me in the most trouble, leading and always listening to my heart.  I am not saying that I wish it would be any different, because I think our paths are made the way that we are meant to follow.  But our hearts are not always the logical way to go.  That’s how we get them broken so easily and so often.

It’s just like when people say it’s not personal or don’t take it so personal…why not?  When you get me, you get the whole me, and that means I take things straight to the heart that sits right there on my sleeve. It goes back to the authenticity of it all, if it’s worth doing or saying, why not do it with heart?  Why not be genuine?  For some it may be easy to not be this way, but not for me.  I become attached to those around me, I care for those who may not care back, and I risk it all because my heart is what will always lead my way.


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