“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”
~ Helen Keller

So my day started out by receiving a text from my daughter! It was a picture of two stick figures, one looking down and handing the other its heart. The saying was, “It’s not much…but it’s all I have”. She had received it from one of her friends, and she said that she sent it to me right away. I thanked her for thinking of me, and she responded with, “I will always think of you”.

Maybe it’s in these times that we are gifted with moments that we know will never leave our hearts for all of eterinity. Little reminders that we are loved too. My focus is to make sure that the people that surround me know how much I love and care for them. When given the opportunity to receive it back, especially from my 8-year-old daughter, there is nothing, absolutely nothing in this world that can beat that!

My daughter’s message means so much more than what she realizes. Because all we really can offer each other is our heart. It’s the one true thing that is us. But we need to not apologize for it not being enough and start to realize that it really is so much more than we give it credit for.

from 2010

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