The Darkness Within

They came to you with ease
Their poison seeping into every pore
Infecting you with their disease
You felt their words settling into your core

You weren’t the only one writing your pen
Their presence becoming evermore aware
You discovered the voices and the demons within
Numbing and soothing, making it easier to bear

You welcomed their darkness
Loathed the comfort it brought
Seeking their lullabies while you rested,
Their blackness nestling into rot

Your soul became their haven
You forgot the goodness from before
The words begin to quicken
And you wrote more and more

But it was not you pressing upon the ink
The sonnets that you composed
And the potion you continued to drink
Provided the serenity of being exposed

Your essence now belongs to them
Your soul no longer your own
The exchange of sorts is not so grim
For they thrive inside each precious bone

Your life continues so seamlessly
In this unspoken silent decree
Your demons lie so easily
You unconsciously nod and agree

Writing and writing, screaming violence
But changes never come to be
Your voice has been silenced
And your ghost, nobody sees

You belong to them, there is no escape
All of the beautiful and dark words are gone
You search and search, the room is changing shape
How long have you been so withdrawn

You must find solace in this exile
You must believe one day you will be found
Your precious words so fragile
Will be forever pressed upon your burial ground

~ Kristie Bueno

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