The Dream

In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed-
But a waking dream of life and light
Hath left me broken-hearted.

Ah! What is not a dream by day
To him whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
Turned back upon the past?

That holy dream – that holy dream,
While all the world were chiding,
Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
A lonely spirit guiding.

What though that light, thro’ storm and night,
So trembled from afar-
What could there be more purely bright
In Truth’s day-star?

~ Edgar Allan Poe

To read these words and see so clearly, what has been and what is to come.  To dream of choices that only I can make, choices that change my path.  My spirit has been buried, of happiness it does not know.  Scolding myself is not the answer, but allowing the light in is.

I will no longer sit on the sidelines and let this life pass me by.  It’s time to live, time to explore, time to dare myself in just what could be.  There will be those who will chastise me, and those who will love me still.  My dreams are what is me, so why not live them in this one life I’ve been gifted.


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