never to be trusted,
this most unreliable source
be warned if you leave it unattended
as it will always be led off-course

it’s influence guided by others
so fragile and so weak
fleeting from lover to lover
true love it continues to seek

betraying you at first chance
abandoning all rationale
drawn to the slightest glance
pathetically fruitless and futile

failing you time and time again
you question it’s every move
disappointing you so often
loyalty it could never prove

settling into the vacancy
it becomes isolated and detached
drowning in the complacency
it’s passion diminished and blanched

the victory it once sought
now defeated, no longer brave
its valor faded to rot
isolated, the darkness it craves

concealed, abandoned and deprived
silencing the secrets it hides
forgetting the pulse of being alive
lost in time, it submissively abides

accustomed to it’s absence
restoration will never start
eternally sentenced for its sins
confined to life without this heart

~ Kristie Bueno

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