When God Made You

HIS most amazing light shined
From the farthest star you could see
HIS magnificence working so carefully to find
Elements to create your spirit so exquisitely

The celebration the angels must have had
Welcoming their new sister in Christ
To walk her life among the land
To share and inspire from the love Most High

Her purpose destined for greatness
For the lives that will be saved
Because her love for the Lord is contagious
And the journey only HE could have paved.

The doubts and worry the enemy may cause
Will never compare to the Father’s grace and love
HIS power and blessings upon her are limitless
There is nothing HE can’t do or take care of

HE walks beside her every single day
Smiling upon HIS pride and joy
Assuring her HIS presence is there to stay
Strengthening her with HIS light and HIS glory

Each step she takes in faith
Praying for HIS will to be done
Victory is hers to proclaim
Born of Christ, she has already won

Walk in HIS light
Breathe in HIS grace
Love as HE loves
Feel HIS embrace

~ Kristie Bueno

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