People Matter To God

Living in this broken world
thinking we’re in control,
but we cannot compare
to the One who created it all.

It is not easy, it is not common,
it does not come naturally;
but we are called to love one another
the way that God loves you and me.

Individually we may be small,
but together we can be one
to build His church, hand in hand
welcoming in all who are lost.

God loves His people,
more than we can imagine;
because we are more important to Him
than all of His creations.

Every person is made
in the perfect image of God;
our lives, thoughts, passions,
fears, dreams and all.

Sin may have cracked the mirror
and we may not see things very clear;
but God restores us; He makes us whole;
because of Him we have nothing to fear.

He stands taller than the universe,
nothing is greater than He.
The creator of time, beginning and end,
He is the reason we are set free.

He loves His people, again I say,
how could we ever deny Him?
There He is, looking down the road
just waiting for us to come home.

This is God’s heart for us,
shining brightly from above.
He sent His son to die on the cross
so that we might know His unconditional love.

Our voices can sing, with our arms open wide,
but to love Him truly as we walk this earth,
is to love one another
and to put each other first.

~ Kristie Bueno

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