“His grace is great enough to meet the great things – the crashing waves that overwhelm the soul, the roaring winds that leave us stunned and breathless, the sudden storms beyond our life’s control.”

~ Annie Johnson Flint

There are moments that sometimes turn into days that sometimes turn into weeks that you stumble into not knowing how you are going to survive. Wondering why me…wondering when the strength that once consumed you faded into a shadow that slowly follows you and mimics your every movement. However, it reminds you of what once was and just maybe what could be again. How can one decision alter the outcome of each step to come? Where do the answers hide? Is today the day…is it too late? When did doubt takeover the confidence? It all overwhelms your mind, your soul, and your life…until you remember. You remember that the light still shines upon you, that peace was seeded into your heart and sealed with His love. There is nothing that can beat you, there is nothing that cannot be restored, for you are loved like no other.

from 2010

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