“Silence is the true friend that never betrays.”

~ Confucius

Our lives are so busy, filled with lists and lists of things that will never be completely done. Phone calls that are incoming that we cannot make time for the outgoing, work hours filled with work, home hours filled with family. Children needing dinners, baths, homework, playtime, and answers to a billion questions. Gadgets, televisions, radios, and more phone calls, all masterful electronics to keep our motors running! There are people you would like to silence forever, as I am sure there are people who would love to silence me!

There are times that I lie down at night and my mind cannot find the silence. Sleep does not come easily because you can only think of the things you should have gotten done, and now must add-on to tomorrow’s list.

For those of you who wonder, the days are getting better. Even though there is no silence, I can find humor in the chaos again. Maybe with time, and a little less stress, I can find moments of silence. Small steps to having just a little more peace, we can always work on the quiet later!

from 2010

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