“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I have to say that many things in the last few days have completely blind-sided me.  I have learned that I have to accept people for exactly who they are, whether I think better of them or not.  People are people, doing only what they know how to do.  And sometimes, most of the time, this means hurting those around them without even knowing it.

I include myself in this revelation.  I know that some of the things I have done and said have hurt the people around me, and I don’t really know how to make amends of that.  It is very scary to think how dark it gets once you’ve reached the lowest point in life from what you have ever felt before.  And truly, the people still standing, once the dust has settled, is awakening.

The other amazing thing about the people who are still there with you, is you don’t have to justify yourself. They already “get” you and accept you for all that you are.  I feel obligated to apologize for myself, but I realize that those I feel the need to explain things to, are the people who aren’t really standing beside me after all.

So instead of explaining, I will just make a statement.  I will be okay without you.  There are people who love me for exactly who I am, and they are my strength.  They are the ones that see things in me, that I can no longer see.  There is the hope of new beginnings, and finding the pieces that have always seemed to be missing.  And even though you have chosen to leave me behind, I have chosen to not leave me behind.  I will find myself again, and in time, I will once again be me.

from 2010

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