“When you give what you need the most, you heal whatever is broken.”

~ Eve Ensler

I am actually starting to let go. The things I am feeling are more positive and hopeful. It’s true that when you realize what you are missing in life and what you need to receive from others, are the things that you put out into life. That’s why we get so frustrated with others because they don’t see that we are giving what we want to receive.

Now if we could just be a little more patient with ourselves, we would start to realize that what we give out into the world does in return come back to us. So in time those behaviors that we needed for so long, we are finally receiving! And that is when what’s broken begins to heal; your heart is getting nourished. You start to realize that you are loved as much as you love others. You find that when you smile at others you are changing them, because they smile back at you. That’s how it works.

Now I will also say there is a counterpart to all of this. Because there are those that put negative out into the world, and I believe that they receive back what they give as well. I don’t know if that is what you would call karma, but whatever it is, it works.

I am feeling from others what I have needed to get for a long time, and it might be as simple as my heart deciding to give out those feelings to start with. It has to start from the beginning. So don’t wait for others to change, that will never happen. It must start from inside each of us; it will work itself out and infect others to do the same!


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