did you find peace today
in the words you chose
claiming your freedom
’cause that’s just how it goes

did you expect me to beg you
like all the times before
well this time you won’t find me
broken and in pieces on the floor

the pieces you have stolen
but my heart will mend
my soul will heal
you will not be my end

for when you said good bye
it was all set free
i let it all go and once again
became what use to be me

do you realize yet
just exactly what you lost
do you ask yourself
if it was worth the cost

i found peace today
in knowing that i’ve forgiven you
there’s purpose beyond your existence
that will always see me through

i am no longer lost
i am unbreakable and strong
my path is clear
my heart sings a new song

this light will never fade
this peace will always endure
you have been replaced
i have found my cure

~ Kristie Bueno

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