What have I done?
The pieces are falling apart.
I find myself wanting to run,
leaving behind pieces of my heart.

Not sure what to do.
I want to let go.
These feelings are nothing new,
just feelings you don’t want to show.

My heart is slowing,
growing so tired,
waiting for the unknowing,
waiting for the desired.

Masked by a facade,
of smiles and kind words.
My soul is beginning to fade,
sorrow cutting through like swords.

Nothing can fix the pain.
Nothing can fix this broken.
There is no more staying sane,
there is no more full-hearted.

I am empty and cold,
too far gone to be saved.
No one left to hold,
no one left to have.

Shattered is my soul,
too damaged to repair.
Never again will I be whole,
just too much for me to bear.

~ Kristie Bueno

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