“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.”

~ Helen Keller

I am starting to find my way.  I am still standing with much chaos around me, but now I find moments that catch my attention.  It’s okay to have expectations, but more importantly to not set them to a level so high that disappointment will be the only outcome.  I can’t control other people’s actions or words, and I have learned that I will always be disappointed if I only accept what I expect of them.

I am learning to focus on different aspects of my life.  Instead of dwelling on the negative (and again uncontrollable) things and “people” in my life, I dive into the more positive and loving people in my life.  I have taken up skating with my daughter.  I cannot tell you how much concentration and effort this hobby takes!  But it is full of rewards.  It is time spent with her that takes time away from the darkness.  And who couldn’t use a little exercise?!

This past weekend, my husband and I had a date!  It was simple but wonderful.  Just to be able to have a meal together and talk together without any distraction was delightful.  I think prioritizing time for our relationship will help me focus on the more positive things in life.  And spending more time with him, means laughing so much more.  He has always known how to make me smile.

I have been sure to make time to read before bed each night.  This is another hobby I really enjoy.  I found that when I was more upset, I wasn’t making time to do the things that I have always enjoyed doing.  Again, I think I am just not allowing myself time to think about the negative anymore, there are so many better things to be doing.

So this journey continues, day by day, looking in front of me instead of behind me!

sim·plic·i·ty (noun):
freedom from complexity


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