“Sometimes the silence is the loudest thing in the room.”

~ Cory Basil, Skinny Dipping in Daylight

I know that I have written on this topic before, but I have been faced with an unexpected road block along my journey, and just maybe I will feel a little bit better about it if I get it all out and do my best to move onward.

The road block you see, is the unforeseen fact that it does not matter how old we grow or how mature we may think that age will bring – we will find ourselves standing in the presence of a bully. Such a harsh word – but isn’t the transgression itself even more offensive? As a mom, I do my best to instill in my children to be kind, to understand how powerful our actions are and how everlasting they can remain with someone.

I don’t think I will ever understand the lack of compassion. We all have feelings, we all have a history, and not a single one of us are perfect. Why would anyone think that they have the authority to treat another with such disregard? Just as a child, stumbling into the wrath of a bully as an adult, is brutal. It’s unexpected and leaves you stunned. As your heart races, and your breath shortens, your brain is paralyzed and unable to respond. You feel defeated because you failed to bark back.  They found victory in the silence. And in that moment, the fear begins, terrorized with the unknown…waiting for them to strike again.

But, in my silence, I acknowledge that their fear is greater than mine, that what drives them to act with such venom is just as powerful as what drives my composure. In my silence, I acknowledge that it takes just as much strength to have grace towards them as it does for them to antagonize me. In my silence, I acknowledge that I might not be the one to change their heart, but I can be the one who prays for the one that does. My silence is thunderous and it resounds throughout my soul.  My purpose is greater than the circumstance – my resolve is resolute.

via Daily Prompt: Volume

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