“Success is relative:
It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things.”

~ T. S. Eliot

It is so easy to say the odds are against us, when really we are against ourselves.  Our lives were not created to be failures, we just accept that we can do nothing different.  We are the factor that chooses to win or lose.  We fight our own battle because we can’t believe that we are good enough.

We must be brave enough to take a chance on ourselves.  Yes, everyday might be a struggle.  But everyday you can choose to beat the circumstances.  One day at a time we can choose to take a step forward.  Take chances that you wouldn’t normally take, risk the opportunity for rejection before you reject yourself.

Have faith in people before you decide to not give them the chance to love you.  You might be surprised who takes your side.

The odds are for us.  And yes we may have made a mess of things up to this point.  But we can learn so much from that mess and become who we are supposed to be because of it.

My battle was a long time coming.  I locked it up in hopes that it would just go away.  But I learned many years later that is not an option.  So this mess I created is creating a new me.  And I  am empowered to help create that new person.  I have the choice to control the thoughts that decide my destiny.  I can decide what people in my life can influence me.

Take control…I am no longer the victom…I am now the survivor!  One step at a time…I will continue to choose myself over the mess.  Because I refuse to allow other people’s choices to define who I am.


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