“Live for those who love me,
For those who know me true,
For the Heaven that smiles above me,
And awaits my coming too;
For the cause that lacks resistance,
For the future and the distance,
And the good that I can do.”

~ Unknown

I have to believe that there is a reason why things happen the way that they happen, that I am a part of the bigger picture, and that all of my efforts have not been a complete waste of time. I may have been guilty of putting all of my eggs in the same basket, but it was because I believed I could make a difference. And why not put everything you have into something you believe in? At least this was the question I use to ask myself.

Up until now, I have allowed the past to define who I was. So when all my efforts failed me, it broke me into a million jagged pieces. My vision became blurry, I lost my way and I lost who I was.

So I must choose to let the next chapter begin, to remember what it feels like to be whole again. We are surrounded by good people and bad people, we make good decisions and bad decisions. And this balance of good and bad does not define us, but simply shapes us. I will find my purpose, and I will do my best to not only lift up those around me, but to allow them to lift me up as well.


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